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Hallo zusammen, ich bin #NeuHier. Danke für die Einladung,@Thomas Eber!

Vor 32 Jahren explodierte das Atomkraftwerk Tschernobyl - mit drastischen Folgen. Trotz hoher Risiken setzt die Ukraine weiter auf Atomkraft. "Das ist Irre, es wird nicht richtig gerechnet", sagt MdB Kotting-Uhl.
Umweltpolitikerin Kotting-Uhl: "Trotz Tschernobyl hält die Ukraine an der Atomkraft fest“ | DW | 25.04.2018
#Tschernobyl #Atomkraft #Energiewende #Fukushima #AKW #Atom #Energie


Liverbirds o «Las Beatles»

"Eran un grupo formado íntegramente por mujeres y como sus paisanos The Beatles también dieron el salto de Inglaterra a Hamburgo."

"...Pocos días después salen para Berlín a actuar como teloneras de Chuck Berry. Antes de subir al escenario, les advierten que no pueden hacer ninguna versión del maestro. Se pasan por el forro las órdenes, ya que su set estaba basado parcialmente en su legado, y arremeten con «Roll over Beethoven». El mánager salta al escenario agitando los brazos para que paren y Val, al grito de «Fuck off», le saca de ahí volando de un empujón. Tenían delante a siete mil personas que enloquecieron. Cuando están de vuelta a Hamburgo sospechan que ese incidente supondrá el final de su carrera en Alemania, pero reciben una llamada nada más llegar a su hotel que les sorprende aún más. Resulta que el mánager de Chuck Berry está enamorado de su actitud y se las quiere llevar a Estados Unidos. Manfred inmediatamente toma cartas en el asunto y les cuenta que lo más probable sería que tocasen en Las Vegas en top-less. Una burda manipulación para retenerlas allí. Funciona."



What do you use as a #minimalist #terminal #emulator on #GNU #Linux #Ubuntu #Gentoo #Debian #CentOS #BSD #OpenBSD #NetBSD #FreeBSD ? → #xterm #st #rxvt ?

Curious about which keybindings do you find yourself modifying? Paste Selection would be a great one to mod.

you guys know one, where you can just copy and paste with common shurtcut ?.. and have multiple tabs maybe?


Bezos's Empire: How Amazon became the world's biggest retailer

A very nice interactive graphic showing the growth of Amazon since 1996.

#amazon #interactive #graphic #infographic #globalism #consumerism #the-guardian

Hey everyone, I’m #newhere.
Welcome! What are your interests?

Åsa Linderborg: Lägg ner faktakollen | Aftonbladet


Un-introducing yourself?

Since losing my original database, and now setting up the same domain for a second time, along with using the same username for myself, I am now trying to re-introduce myself to several contacts in the fediverse.

However, because I had established a connection before, I am unable to re-introduce myself again now (at least on another friendica node) because my old profile already exists in that user's contacts. I therefore can't "Connect" with that person now.

Can I un-introduce myself somehow? Or do I need to message that person to ask if they can remove me from their contacts list? :-D

!Friendica Support

With the recent civil suit filed by the DNC, "Russiagate" has gone out-of-bounds crazy. The Democrats desperately need to focus on our social and civil-rights problems right here in the US. This "blame Russia" thing is a losing game.
Russia and the War Party


G: En ole mikään fiilinpoikanen enkä tarvitfe ruokalappua! Kyllä ne fooffit pyfyy fuuffa ilmankin.

H: No kun ei nimenomaan pysy. Ruokaa on pitkin rinnuksia nyt meillä molemmilla.

G: Mafiofot ei fyö mitään vauvojen velliä. Entäf jof Piikki-Fredo näkee? Fe kertoo fitten Falvatore Vaahtiftelijalle ja maineeni on mennyttä.

H: Lapa sitä velliä nyt kiltisti äläkä venkoile. Muuta ei ole tarjolla.

G: Haluan pitfaa ja viiniä!

H: Haluta saa, mutta ei tipu. Viimeksi kun olit ravintolassa sait porttikiellon, ja syytteen tarjoilijan solvaamisesta, muistatko?

G: Fiinä kohdaffa muiftiani on aukko.
G: Iz ees nawt a hawglet an' Iz nao needsh a bib! Iz can keepsh fudz een meh mouff.

H: No, you can't. We're both covered in your food now.

G: But da mafiosi doesh nawt eatz any beibee'z puré! What eef Spiny-Fredo sees? An' den heb tellz tew Shalvatore Anoynteer an' meh reputeishhon ees gonez.

H: Just eat up and stop wiggling. We don't have anything else for dinner today.

G: Iz wuntsh peefza an' wyne!

H: Yeah, you can always want but you're not getting any. Last time you were in a restaurant you got banned from ever going there again! You ended up in front of a judge for insulting the waiter, remember?

G: Dere's kindsh ob an gap een meh memoree een dat particularz day.
Gerald is an African pygmy #hedgehog who lives in a #sauna in #Finland. All his posts are in #Finnish and #English

#pets #pet #animals #crochet #hedgehogs #AfricanPygmyHedgehog #AfricanPygmyHedgehogs #Suomi #suomalainen #suomeksi

FRK: Verkauf von Unitymedia an Vodafone nur bei Öffnung der Netze -
#OpenAccess #Vodafone #Breko #Kabelnetz #TeleColumbus #Telekommunikation #Unitymedia

Hallo zusammen, ich bin #NeuHier. Asphaltsucht Motorsport

Pere est un Hispanophile, mais je suis ne pas. D'accord Francais, des.


Risiken steigen: Bundesregierung senkt Wachstumsprognose


Nonnen-Anwärterin muss Kloster Altmünster verlassen


Nobelpreiskonzept soll Vermüllung deutscher Parks stoppen


Slideshow made for #Sudan #Famine #Relief


Pfadfinder-Treffen in der Transmongolischen Eisenbahn

Imagen/FotoMit dem Zug über Moskau in die Mongolei und dann weiter nach China. Und unterwegs will der Kreuzpfadfinderbund aus Wuppertal auch noch andere Pfadfinder treffen.


Podcast: Why Manufacturers Struggle To Secure IoT

Podcast: Why Manufacturers Struggle To Secure IoT


Unable to post pictures with long names

If I upload a picture with a long file name, I can't post it because the selection only works on the portion of the picture that isn't covered by the name. If the name covers the whole picture, it cannot be selected?

I have to manually shorten file names so I can upload them on Friendica.

!Friendica SupportImagen/Foto
I can confirm this. I have occasionally observed this too.

This happens a lot as I post screenshots, and screenshot software tends to give long file names.

Hey everyone!

Since this morning I get postings from ignored contacts into my network stream. Something changed with handling those in current development branch?

!Friendica Support
Which network? Public or private posts?

Hubzilla, and public.

Is it a comment or a starting post? Are you having a bidirectional relationship?

All three of it. Though the comment is on thread of the ignored contacts.

Just a sidenote: Wouldn't it be easier, just to unfollow this contact? This would switch the relationship from "friends" to "is follower" - which would have the same effect.

Do you know which field in the contact table is responsible for this ignoring?


Das Gefummel der Mächtigen

Deux femmes santiller en un cafe ... ouch!
Deux femmes sautillent dans un café (ou dans un bar).


Strange mix-up in feed from Diaspora network

!Friendica Support
Take a look at this that is currently in my feed. Note how the comments don't exactly make a lot of sense in relation to the post:


Now look at this post on Diaspora using the permalink....

You can see that the reason the comments made no sense on my feed is because they were from a completely different post!

Yeah, this is a known issue (there is already an open one on github), but we haven't found a solution by now.

Fair enough... I'll cross that one off my long list :)


Antisemitismus-Beauftragter: "Es fängt mit Kleinigkeiten an"

Kaola Hitching a Ride

Kaola Hitching a Ride – © 2018 – Robert N. Clinton (aka CyberShutterbug)

\#cybershutterbug #photography #robertclinton #arizona #black-and-white #buildings #desert #film #people #phoenix #street-photography
Kaola Hitching a Ride


Iran: Ausstieg aus Atomwaffensperrvertrag?


Hmm. I like the new one-line-collapser. :-)


!Friendica Support
If anyone can suggest a legible way to cram multiple filtering reasons on a single line, I'm all ears.

|(cogwheel) Filter| Word: /(?:de-de.)? + User: Charles_Tucker + Language: Klingon |(eye) Reveal/Hide|

In this example, there are three filtering reasons. It's a mixture of |Buttons| and text. All reasons are in italic and parameter explanations in normal font. There is a button labelled "Filter" in the beginning and one at the end with the instruction to click to open. There are no line breaks.
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Addendum: What will the first button activate? Possibly bring up ../settings/addon to give quick access to the different filters. The bold font of the button will also subtle differentiate from the subsequent text that gives the explanations.
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[Was wird mit

der Wäscherolle?](



53-jähriger Leipziger wird im Stadtteil Gohlis vermisst



Server setup

If I want to set up my own pod, I need my own server obviously. I have no experience with this. I consider myself reasonably tech savvy but with very limited experience. I've played around with WordPress a bit, tinkered a plugin with some help, little things like that.

So, I wondered what your advice would be if I want to have my own server. I'd like friends and family to be able to join me there. I've seen some posts about Raspberry Pi, but as I understand it, it would only be suitable with very few members. I'd also like to set up nextcloud (but I think I may want to have that in my parents' house, because a backup is worthless if your house burns down and that's where your backup was too...).

So my questions to you guys. First: am I crazy to want to do this? Be honest with me! I'm just a simple biologist after all ;-)
Second, what type of hardware would you suggest to use. I'm on a tight budget. What would be 1 step up from a raspberry pi?
Do you have any links to a nice beginners guide?
(For the record, I don't find VPS particularly appealing. I know it can make more sense to use one of those though. I rather manage things myself)

@Friendica Support
Unlike a shared hosting account which is managed, you pretty much do manage everything yourself on a VPS. You just can't see the hardware. Its the same as you setting up your own server at home then remotely accessing it from another location

And I'm currently in the process of formatting all the garbage that I've written down whilst setting up my own server based on Ubuntu 16.04. It will be a beginners guide written by a beginner who doesn't really understand half the stuff he's written down.