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Hey all,

We have another easy way for you to support this pod. We've signed up as a Publisher for Brave Payments, so you can allocate a small amount of money that will automatically be sent to us when you visit the site using the Brave browser. On top of that, if you download the browser using this link and use it for 30 days, we'll get $5 from them at no cost to you!

We work very hard to maintain good uptime, we keep your data encrypted on our server, we don't log your IP address, and we don't use CDNs that can snoop on you -- so we think we've got a pretty good pod going here, but it's not free!

If you're using Brave already, please add us, or if you'd like to try it, please use the link above -- or you can just donate to us via credit card, liberapay, bitcoin, etc from our donations page. Do it now, and you could win a free laptop!

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Hello Gibberfish Social users!

As you may or may not be aware, our pod is operated and paid for by Gibberfish, Inc. We are a nonprofit dedicated to providing free, private, encrypted tools for activists, political dissidents, and human rights defenders. In addition, as a service to the public, we provide this Diaspora pod, an anonymous search engine and a Tor exit node.

The first 18 months of our existence has been underwritten primarily by our founding members, but now our costs have risen, and we're asking our Diaspora* users for help. If you value this pod, please think about how much it is worth to you, and consider making a donation to help fund our operations. If you're having trouble deciding on a number, we suggest $10. If you can't afford to contribute, we totally understand, but if you can afford to, please do.

@Brian Ó 🐟
Executive Director

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Stop Trade Deals Being Agreed in Secret after Brexit

The government is trying to push through a new law giving them the power to agree trade deals in secret. In just a few weeks, MPs will get to vote on the law. They could stand up to the government and demand a say on future trade deals.

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We'll be glad-handing at a fund-raising event in our home town tonight. These handouts weren't even designed until about 2 hours ago, but now we have 100 of them. It's all about knowing the right people :)

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Vermont Day of Giving

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Vermont Day of Giving