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Mastodon dejara OStatus en el 2019?

Por que lo hace y que redes ya no podrán federar con mastodon?

#ostatus #mastodon #2019

... and we're back up! Well, depending on DNS replication to your particular location. Just keep banging F5 until replication happens.

The url is the same:

The new site looks mostly the same, but eagle eyed viewers will notice a "Protocols" count now as the first number. The site is expanding to track not only #Diaspora protocol sites, but also #ActivityPub, #OStatus and others.

For this release the goal was to rewrite the backend and frontend to be more modern and flexible, and easier to expand. Thus, there are no new metadata parsers yet. The first one that we'll add will be the Mastodon stats endpoint very soon. The aim is to get the true numbers of the federated social web... ver más